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goddessmissjaye's Journal

2 January
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I'm your Goddess Miss Jaye. I'm Hot, Beautiful and way out of your League. However, every Goddess needs subjects to worship and adore her. If your worthy, and you my dear slug are not worthy, you may pay me tributes.

Tributes may come to me in many forms. All most be over $100 or its not worth my time.

Cash- always a good one to give me. Its the Holiday Season and your Goddess needs to be worshiped with Cash.

Jewelry, Diamonds, White Gold, Platinum. My ring size is a 7. My birth stone is Garnet but Diamonds never fail to disapoint me. NEVER Send me yellow Gold, it is cheap looking and disgusting.

Movies-But contact me first, I'll LET YOU KNOW which ones to buy me.

SHOPING with your money is a Big happy turn on for me. Keep me happy, send me tribues and cash.

Gift Cards to any of the following (in tribues of $100 or more), Bed Bath and Beyond, Tiffany's, Coach, Victoria's Secret, Best Buy or Amazon.com.

My Amazon.com Wish List

You will become so addited to me. You will get up go to work, pull in extra hours and all the while your doing it for a greater purpose, ME, I'm that purpose. You want to make my dreams come true, keep me happy and worship at my altar. I'll infect you with my perfect Goddess behavior. I'll entrhall you with my magic and you'll waste away without me.

Forget your girlfriend or your wife. What can she provide you that your not getting from your Goddess Miss Jaye. I am the Alpha and the Omega, I am your beginng and your demise. Worship at my feet and be lucky that I allow you that much.