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Nothing makes me happier then when a piggy gives me gifts and tributes. the latest is a piggy who tributed silver and garnet earings, a matching silver and garnet ring plus a black AA quality pearl bracelet.

i liked his tributes and thus has named him my garbage boy. he shall come to me twice a week to throw away my trash on trash night. he's thrilled, as a piggy should be

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so how many of yor piggies will be getting me presents and worshiping at my feet like the swine u are.

i am waiting.

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Just got two more applications for piggys. However, appliations mean nothing without tributes so until those start happening, they are no piggies of mine.

today is Christmas Eve and I'll be using the new campcorder my first piggy sent me.

happy holidays

Goddess Miss Jaye

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Still in the editing process but for all you fans and piggies,
here is my own site

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To the worthles piggies out there, the fakers and the pathetic masses, this is what a true piggy is.

My true piggy has just paid tribute of over $500 worth of cd's, camcorders, and web cam items for me. This was his initiation and he's passed. Photos when items arrive will be posted.

So to all you worthless scum piggies, take heed. You are not welcome if you cannot pay tribute to me, Your Goddess.

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Just letting all your piggies know that your responses have been great, however, emails alone are not what I want. I want TRIBUTES- money, gifts, cash.

My time is too valuable to waste on emails alone.

No tributes, no emailing you, no web cam, NOTHING.

If you buy me nice pretty stuff, I'll consider throwing some Free phone calls or cam time in, but it must be from what I posted recently.


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If any piggy gets me any of these items for Christmas, see what your reward for having the mere prvilidge to honor me would be. 

Apple MacBook MB063LL/A 13.3" Notebook PC (2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, 8x SuperDrive) Black & the AppleCare Protection Plan for MacBook

Reward- 10 hours of FREE CAM time (in 1 hour intervals over a 30 day period). 

Canon - PowerShot 12.1MP Digital ELPH Camera - Silver 

Reward- 2 hours of FREE CAM Time (in 1 hour intervals over a 30 day period).

Hitachi - DVD Camcorder with 30GB Hard Drive

Reward 4 hours of FREE CAM Time (in 1 hour intervals over a 30 day period).

As they say, Tis the season to give, so GIVE GIVE GIVE till you hurt and make me happy. 


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I am updating my Amazon.com site, You can find what to gift me for the holidays under MissJaye.

Oh and when you have the  option of new and used section, I FORBID YOU to ever get me anything used. IT MUST ALWAYS BE NEW. Your Goddess does not take sloppy second hand items.

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Christmas is coming and I've so much shopping to do. Keep sending me your tributes. This Goddess has to relax at her favorite spa, send money to paypal at missjayeyourgoddess@gmail.com and do it TODAY, why make me wait when you know you want to worship at my altar

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